PH.D. programs

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The Ph.D. in Biostatistics prepares students to conduct independent research in the new biostatistical methodology; engage in successful collaborations; and write statistical methodology papers.

Ph.d. in public health

Environmental Health concentration

This concentration prepares students for the rigors of independent scientific investigation and leadership to engage in environmental and public health research focusing on contaminant stress and exposure outcomes.

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The Ph.D. in Epidemiology prepares students to apply epidemiological methods to address critical and/or emerging public health and clinical research issues.

ph.d. in public health

Health Services Research concentration

This concentration prepares individuals to help inform government officials, corporate leaders, clinicians, health plan managers and others making choices about complex health-related problems and issues.


One Health concentration

This concentration emphasizes working across public health, veterinary health and environmental health disciplines to tackle difficult health problems.


Social and Behavioral Sciences concentration

This concentration emphasizes the application of behavioral and social science perspectives to research on contemporary health problems.

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social and behavioral sciences concentration

Jennifer Maizel, M.P.H., CHES

Doctoral student Jennifer Maizel is examining the psychosocial aspects of diabetes

Maizel, Jennifer