Jennifer Maizel

Maizel, Jennifer

Jennifer Maizel received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from George Mason University in 2015 and her Master of Public Health with a concentration in Health Promotion from The George Washington University in 2018. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist and advocate for people with type 1 diabetes who has more than six years of professional experience. Prior to starting her doctoral training at the University of Florida, she most recently worked at the American Diabetes Association as the Senior Manager of Professional Engagement. In this position, she led outreach efforts targeting international health care providers and researchers and collaborated with nationwide leaders on establishing ADA’s Women’s Interprofessional Network, a membership group that aims to alleviate gender gaps in science and health. In earlier roles at ADA and JDRF, she oversaw social media and educational programs with the goals of increasing diabetes awareness and driving behavior change. Her other experiences include conducting research in areas such as chronic disease management, social marketing for organ donation, and cognitive psychology, founding the Diabetes 101 social media campaign which gained 10,000 followers across various channels, and serving as President of GWU’s Delta Omega Honorary Society chapter. Her research interests include diabetes management and prevention, the social and behavioral aspects of chronic diseases, women’s health, and health education and communication.