Social and Behavioral Sciences Ph.D. students

Sarah Collins

Research interests: Maternal and child health, with a particular emphasis on child health

Collins, Sarah

Minor Cushion

Research interests: Type 2 diabetes prevention and health disparities

Minor Cushion

Brittney Dixon

Research interests: Identifying priority health issues and concerns in rural areas (all aspects of rural health including obesity, health insurance and end stage renal disease), health care access, health care policy, health care disparities, and the intergenerational transmission of eating habits.

Brittney Dixon

K.D. Jacobs

Research interests: Public health program development and evaluation, improving resources for medically underserved populations, infectious disease, vaccine hesitancy/decision-making, and global health.

KD Jacobs

Kelsea LeBeau

Research interests: Technology, gamification, and social media usage, women’s health, gender, and empowerment, and the prevention of human trafficking, all within a public health perspective.

LeBeau, Kelsey

Jayne-Marie Raponi

Research interests: Aging, physical activity, interprofessional education, interprofessional teamwork

Jayne-Marie Raponi

Gaia Zori

Research interests: Women’s health and eliminating health disparities in maternal and child health outcomes.