Social and Behavioral Sciences Ph.D. students

Acquel Allen

Research interests: Prevention and mitigation of health disparities, with a focus on African American and Afro-Caribbean populations, health equity, and environmental justice

Allen, Acquel Headshot

Cary Carr

Research interests: Sex workers’ rights, violence prevention, sexual wellbeing, body image, and feminist methodologies

Cary Carr

Sarah Collins

Research interests: Public health curriculum, instruction, and pedagogy; diversity, equity, and inclusion within higher education

Sarah Collins

Minor Cushion

Research interests: Type 2 diabetes prevention and health disparities

Minor Cushion

K.D. Jacobs

Research interests: Public health program development and evaluation, improving resources for medically underserved populations, infectious disease, vaccine hesitancy/decision-making, and global health.

KD Jacobs

Jennifer Maizel

Research interests: Psychosocial dimensions of public health, including health beliefs, behaviors, and social norms; lived experiences of health conditions, particularly type 1 diabetes and its complications; health communication; mental health; and health equity

Maizel, Jennifer

Karah Mechlowitz

Research interests: Global health and nutrition, with an emphasis on gender and development, empowerment, and qualitative methodology

Mechlowitz, Karah

Jayne-Marie Raponi

Research interests: Aging, physical activity, interprofessional education, interprofessional teamwork

Jayne-Marie Raponi

Gaia Zori

Research interests: Sexual and reproductive health and the promotion of health equity in maternal and child health outcomes

Gaia Zori Headshot