Social and Behavioral Sciences courses

PHC 6700: Social & Behavioral Research Methods

This course is designed to provide an overview of research design, methods, and ethics for students in public health, with an emphasis on approaches used in the social and behavioral sciences. Syllabus

PHC 6937: Community-Based Participatory Research

This course provides an overview of theories, principles, and strategies associated with Community-Based
Participatory Research (CBPR). Syllabus

PHC 7587: Theory Development and Testing in Behavioral & Community Public Health

The purposes of this class are to (1) familiarize students with the process of theory development, (2) allow
students the opportunity to review and orally present on a psychosocial construct(s) relevant to their own
public health research goals, and (3) allow students the opportunity to practice written and oral
communication skills. Syllabus

PHC 7907: Social and Behavioral Science Journal Club

This is a one-credit course for doctoral students and selected master’s level students. Syllabus